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Experience meditation (9 sessions)

What the heck do you mean with “Experience meditation”? Simply sit down, cross your legs, straighten your back, close your eyes and shut up.

Exactly, that is one way to meditate. However you can also meditate lying down, dancing, with movement, guided by a story, accompanied with music, … There are countless ways to meditate. I invite you to experience different ways.

The intention of the course is to offer you the opportunity – with the help of various meditation techniques – to get to know yourself better. To turn your attention from the outside to the inside. To perceive your intuition better. To clear away the fog and welcome more clarity into your life.

Traveling, living in communities, participating in meditation courses, workshops and meditative experiences allowed me to fill my bag of tools. During the individual sessions I want to use those tools, to offer you new approaches of self discovery. Not every style is for everyone. I invite you to find out what works best for you. I invite you to let go, trust and to experience the power of group meditation. I invite you to become vulnerable, empathic and loving with yourself.

Each session last for 90 minutes. This does not mean however, that you will simply be sitting still for 90 minutes. That would be exhausting and most likely painful. It were to take away the joy in meditation. During sessions that won’t contain active elements, we will have a mix of sitting and lying down. At the end of each session, there will be time to exchange experiences. Only listening is welcome too.

I am joyful to invite you into a safe container to experience different meditation styles and get to know yourself better. Who knows – maybe soon you meditate on a regular basis?



9 Sessions from 20.09.2020 until 15.11.2020 between 19:00 and 20:30 (Entrance at 18:45)

Number of students

A maximum of 12 students can join, since otherwise we will not be able to comply with Corona rules.


Manoah – Zentrum für achtsames Miteinander

Urbanstraße 118, 10967 Berlin  

Since this is a new format, airing for the first time, I offer this course at cost. It will be € 44 for all 9 sessions (each 90 minutes).
Besides the monetary compensation I would love for you to participate in voluntary feedback, a chance for me to improve my offering.